We’re In Event Production.
We Understand The Business.

Trust is an important aspect of the event production business, though it is seldom explicitly addressed. Once you peel back the artful language, rendering, schedules,  budgets, proposals, and contracts, what’s left is very simple: One entity trusts another to perform a function for financial remuneration, the product of which is either tangible, as with production elements, or conceptual, as with design.

We know that earning your trust is the first stage to developing a relationship with you. 

The event production business begins with reputations, and we are judged by prior work. When a producer or event planner chooses a production company to handle technical aspects of that particular meeting, event, fashion show, or product launch, he or she trusts in a smooth execution which acts to protect a reputation. A good reputation in this industry equals work. In our over 10 years in production and design, we have found that trust matters most in three areas: ethical behavior, pricing, and equipment.

We also believe:

Safety is a priority and action must be taken when unsafe practices crop up.

Clients, rightfully, have an expectation that they will be dealt with ethically.

Trust is important in how production companies price a job, as well. It’s hard to speak about pricing without discussing equipment—using the correct amount and type. Listening to the needs of the show, and specifying the gear the job needs, is the way we prefer to conduct business. We deliver top notch service at a fair and competitive price.