A sampling of creative uses of our digital video light tubes .

LED Digital Video Light Tubes (DVLT)

Our DVLT’s introduce an eye-catching new element to the producers toolbox. Not only are they professional full color LED indoor/outdoor lights, with the ability to display millions of colors (16.77 million to be exact) , provide color-changing, effects, and animation, but they are also capable of displaying video.

Each one meter unit contains PC chips, allowing it to be divided into up to 16 segments to enhance color changing effects. With a number of tubes arranged to become a screen, almost any file that can be converted to an AVI file can be played back on the DVLT’s. Their eye-catching appeal allows for a rich pallet for our clients ranging from architects to lighting designers to the producer looking for a new way of branding. In addition to ballrooms and theaters, we have successfully used our DVLT’s  to obtain a variety of very different effects and look for decorations of home exteriors, bridges, plazas, stages, casinos, and more.


Whatever you need, we can create.

Effects On Demand

The GPDPro craftsmen are standing by, awaiting your next challenge. Whether a reveal or a  magical staircase, a single source identity or a full room-surround of branding, give us a call and allow us to use our creativity to bring your product to life and create a memory that your guests will be talking about for quite a while.

s mounted with strong pc chips, each one meter unit can be divided into 16 segments to enhance color changing effects